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Chairman's Letter

This firm has been set up as a wholly owned subsidiary of our investment gemstone company, International Gemstone Corporation, a company which my father and I founded in 1979, in the city of Chicago along with the help of Dr. Paul DeSautels, the Head Curator and Chief Gemologist of the Gem and Mineral Collection at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Shortly thereafter, this small determined group, along with 26 of the most prominent families in the Chicagoland area, collectively founded International Gemstone Partners LLP, the world's first limited partnership in precious gemstone investment. As a result of our experience with this very successful joint venture, where I was fortunate to have served as portfolio manager and as General Partner (1980-1991) the idea arose and the need became clear that paved the way for Global Gemstone Management Services, Ltd.

This truly international company was formed to effectively target and service the developing market in the United States of a growing number of high net-worth clients that have a very strong, yet unique need for world class precious gemstone portfolio management, access to liquidity, guidance and focused expert investment gemstone oversight for their diversified hard asset portfolios. Today, proactive investment portfolio risk management demands diversification. Precious gemstone investment offers a unique way to hedge highly volatile risks that are becoming more and more apparent as the realities of terrorism and war fully dawn on the awareness of the affluent individual and their respective financial fiduciaries.

No longer limited by and narrowly anchored to the traditional American investment strategies such as stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, commodities, derivatives, real estate, gold, silver, precious metals, art, collectables and venture capital, many formidable investors and people of tremendous wealth are beginning to fully appreciate the numerous virtues and solid rewards of culturing a carefully planned, well-managed precious gemstone portfolio. Much like has been the case in Europe, the Middle East and in Asia for many generations, the long time preservation of capital through rare precious gemstones investment is quietly becoming a much more utilized and appreciated popular investment strategy for America's wealthiest individuals and their families. How are the specific gemological portfolio management needs of this privileged group adequately addressed and effectively serviced?

Our company G.G.M.S., Ltd. is working hard at fulfilling these precious, emerging needs through its formidable expertise and extensive experience in handling the volatile exposures one might encounter in a highly specialized and diverse arena such as the global precious gemstone industry. Over the last century, I think it is fair to say, very few companies or individuals for that matter, have risen up to meet the prudent goals, strict criteria and specific objectives required by the financial planning and wealth management communities when it comes to gemstone investment. Few have strived to meet these unique challenges in an honorable, dignified, educated and effective way that truly does justice to the vast growth potential of the gemstone industry and its wealth-preserving capabilities, unique advantages and the long term stability it offers. There is tremendous trust and fiduciary responsibility that is transferred to a gemstone portfolio manager by its clients. G.G.M.S. Ltd. looks forward to continuing its time honored tradition of meeting and embracing that charge efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately, in many cases, this trust has been misplaced, abused or exploited by unscrupulous individuals and at times by the clandestine nature and closed traditions of the jewelry industry itself. If this powerful investment vehicle is to fully be utilized by the wealth management communities to its fullest potential, portfolio managers possessing crucial core competencies will be needed to effectively manage serious precious gemstone investment portfolios outside of the traditional jewelry paradigm. Possessing this skill set is something my family (since 1926) and I (since 1979) have been culturing, evolving and achieving for ourselves as gem investors, gemstone dealers, gemologists and as avid gemstone collectors. We also have openly shared and effectively accomplished for a long list of very important friends and clients over the years. The history of the evolution of this focused fortitude probably dates back to a time when my father's side of the family first started in the jewelry and gemstone trades in 1926 on 46th Street in New York, with their world famous jewelry manufacturing company, Pennino Bros., Inc. This firm is still recognized and highly appreciated today for its fine workmanship and impeccable attention to detail and old world pride in craftsmanship.

We have had the very good fortune to experience fully both sides of precious transactions. We view precious gemstone investment both as the chosen buyers/sellers/portfolio managers for our clients and also from the perspective of long-time collectors/investors/wealth builders for our own account. This invaluable experience, along with a strong integration with the traditional investment community, affords us a unique approach that we feel gives a more complete and universal vision that serves our clients well. Probably even more important for our clients, especially since they are often dealing in a very unfamiliar specialized arena, we take their fiduciary charge and responsibility given to us very seriously and approach it with empathy, integrity, honor, and uncompromising due diligence and detailed global market research.

We are extremely proud of the family heritage behind G.G.M.S. Ltd. We remain highly confident our future generations will also cherish our precious legacy of reputation and perfection. We have definitive plans to continue on track with this very worthwhile and honorable family purpose that has become our collective joy first and a profession second. With humility and gratitude, we also take great pride in the numerous, very important, world-class one of a kind gemstone portfolios and unprecedented precious gemstone collections we have carefully and discreetly assembled, placed, discovered, and liquidated globally over the last 78 years for many top chieftains and captains of industry, museums, royalty, financial advisors and important families of wealth that were in need and appreciated our highly professional personalized hard-asset portfolio management and gemological services. We steadfastly commit and firmly resolve to continue with "a tradition of providing precious services to our most precious clientele."

Thank you for your kind attention.
Dr. Christopher W. Hartnett
Global Gemstone Management Services, Ltd.
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"A tradition of providing precious gems to our most precious clientele since 1926"

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