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The Private Client Group of Global Gemstone Management Services, Ltd. offers comprehensive, personalized gemstone portfolio solutions to high net worth individuals,trusts, families and small business owners.

As a Private Client Group client, you'll receive:

Help from experienced professionals who are adept at developing hard asset solutions, such as personal gemstone trusts, private gemstone portfolios, investment gemstone management services, wealth transfer, wealth preservation, alternative asset management, insurance, security, donation and philanthropic services

Access to exclusive client services and extensive international capabilities

If you're already a GGMS client, please log in using your Private Client Group user ID and password to contact your advisor directly.

If you'd like to receive more information about Global Gemstone Management Services, Ltd.'s Private Client Group or schedule a meeting with a dedicated client advisor, please contact us directly at:  Private Client Group

PLEASE: Principles and their Certified Agents and Fiduciaries only. No Dealer and Trade inquiries.

1 800 833-GEMS (Within the USA)
1 828 264-2793 (Internationally)
1 828 264-2430 (Fax)


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