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Gemstone Books

  Gemstones for everyone
by: B. W. Anderson
  Gems: the world’s greatest treasures and their stories
by: Bernhard Graf
by: Cally Obdershaw, Christine Woodward, and Roger Harding
  Gemstones : symbols of beauty and power
by: Eduard Gübelin and Franz-Xaver Erni with photographic contributions by Erica and Harold Van Pelt
  The National Gem Collection
by: Jeffrey E. Post with photographs by Chip Clark
  Gemstone Buying Guide: A Guide to Buying
by: Renee Newman
Excellent resource. Packed with pictures and data on gem types and sub types. Ranks stones that come in many colors by value. (e.g. tourmalines, sapphires, etc.). Tables on specific gravity, hardness, etc. help with positive identification.
  Gemstones of the World, Revised Edition
by: Walter Schumann
A wonderful reference for anyone that has in interest in gemstones or geology. Includes color pictures and shows the gem in both the rough and finished state, and includes information on synthetic gemstones.
  Simon and Schuster's Guide to Gems and Precious Stones
by: C. Ciprianai, A. Borelli, Kennie Lyman, Curzio Cippriani, Curzio Cipriani
In addition to be a valuable guide for gem identification, this guide has wonderful photographs. Includes density, crystalline structure, light refraction angle, chemical makeup, and hardness.
  DK Handbooks: Gemstones
by: Cally Hall, Harry Taylor, Cathy Hall
Photos, interesting facts, chemical compositions, broad range of stones. The perfect reference for jewelers, libraries, hobbyists. Views of the crystals mentioned in the text-only guidebooks.
  DK Pockets: Gemstones
by: Emma Foa
Basic info on every gem on the planet. A gorgeous simple overview.
by: Cally Oldershaw, Christine Woodward, Roger Harding
A great book for beginners to learn more about gemstones. Includes beautiful pictures.
  Smithsonian Handbooks Gemstones
by: Cally Hall, Harry Taylor
The clearest recognition guides available.
  Encyclopedia of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones
by: Chris Pellant, Henry Russell
Gives a description of numerous rock & gem types, along with characteristics, pictures, and geography. Good book for someone just starting out in the world of gemstones.
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